TTC quality inspectors in China carry our quality inspection work by the MIL STD 105E tables, which are widely recognized standards. This American standard now has equivalents in all national and international standardization organizations (ANSI/ASQC Z1.4, ISO 2859, NF06-022, BS 6001, DIN 40080).

This standard is a proven method to accept or reject a production lot by inspecting a randomly selected number of products. This method is called ‘AQL’ (Acceptable Quality Level):

According to the Acceptable Quality Level (AQL), TTC establishes a maximum allowable error rate or variation from the standard.

MIL STD 105E table:

Defects found in inspection are classified into three categories: critical defects, major defects and minor defects:

  1. Critical Defect
    A defect that is likely to result in hazardous or unsafe condition for an individual using the product or a defect that is contravening against mandatory regulations.

  2. Major Defect
    A defect that is likely to result in failure of or reducing the usability of the product, value of the product or obvious appearance defects affecting the salability of the product.

  3. Minor Defect:
    A defect that doesn't reduce the usability of the product, but nevertheless the workmanship is beyond the defined quality.