Supplier Ethical Data Exchange


Sedex factory inspection certification is the abbreviation of supplier ethical data Exchange. Sedex is a network database that helps companies store information about labor standards within their business scope, and their customers can share that information. Many retailers, supermarkets, brand makers, suppliers and other organizations require their cooperative farms, factories and manufacturers to participate in the Sedex Members Ethics Management Audit (SMETA) to ensure that their operations meet the requirements of relevant ethical standards. The results of the audit can be recognized and shared by all SEDEX Members, so the suppliers Acceptance of Sedex factory certification can save a lot of repeated audits from customers.

Authentication type

4Pillar and 2Pillar2 are currently classified. 4Pillar has more than two aspects of 2Pillar, environment and business ethics.

Application process

Anyone who wishes to become a member can apply online through the information exchange system. If an application becomes a member, a written application should be made to the board of directors. The board of directors may request the applicant to provide reasonable and necessary information in order to determine the type of membership suitable for the applicant. The board of directors will inform the applicant as soon as possible within the scope of its membership.

Members should not register on the information exchange system in production plants that are neither under their own jurisdiction nor under their own jurisdiction. Instead, members are encouraged to encourage their suppliers to register their production areas on the information exchange system.

If a member has doubts about the classification of his membership, the member has the right to appeal to the Advisory Committee. The member must inform the Advisory Committee in writing of his will to appeal within 30 days after the board of directors notifies him of the decision (regarding the membership category of the applicant). The board will then inform the Advisory Committee of the information about the complaint.

The Advisory Committee has the right to review all the information on which the board of directors bases its decision in determining the category of the member. When the Advisory Committee hears the appeal, it has the right to view more such information as required, including requests for more information from the member.

The Advisory Committee may make recommendations to the board on the membership category of the member. The board of directors should take full account of the recommendations made by the Advisory Committee when determining the membership category of the member.

Under reasonable and feasible circumstances, the Advisory Committee will hear the appeal as soon as possible.

Annual cost

The membership fee will be paid for the first year and subsequent years of membership of the A-level and AB-level members of SEDEX inspection factory when they join SEDEX. The membership fee will be equal to the annual membership fee. Annual membership fees should be determined according to the turnover of members. The annual membership fee or the method for determining the fee will be determined by the board of directors on an annual basis and communicated electronically to all members at least two months before its entry into force. Members who joined the year will pay the full membership fee and the pro rata membership fee.

In addition to the membership fee and annual membership fee stipulated above, AB level members will pay B level membership fee for storing data of their production sites on the information exchange system.

B-level members will pay annual membership fees, together with applicable credit complaint handling fees and annual membership fees of VAT-level members levied on production sites where they store data on the information exchange system, or the method of determining such fees will be determined by the board of directors on an annual basis, and at least two months before its entry into force, by the board of directors. It will be communicated to all members in electronic documents.

The annual membership fees of A-level and AB-level members will be calculated on the basis of the total membership fees of A-level and AB-level members, accounting for at least 50% of the operating expenses.

Class B members will not be charged more than fifty percent of SEDEX's operating cost.

Any fee structure will avoid imposing a cost burden on small primary manufacturers, which may be an obstacle to their entry.

If there is a significant surplus, the board of directors will adjust membership fees to ensure that SEDEX balances revenue and expenditure and operating costs are reasonably shared by A-level members, AB-level members and B-level members. Except that the annual fee for the first year shall be paid after obtaining membership, all annual fees shall be paid before the monthly date of each year.